Corporate Lawyers in Houston and Austin Assist in All Facets of Texas Corporate Law

Formation, Management and Transactions

Our corporate lawyers in Houston and Austin assist start-up enterprises and established companies in all facets of corporate law, from formation and governance to transactions and contracts. We help clients choose the appropriate business entity as the foundation for success and address the challenges thereafter of operating and growing in a competitive marketplace.

Andrews Myers, P.C., has a team of corporate lawyers in Houston and Austin with extensive experience in business formation for entities across all market segments, and routinely advise clients in manufacturing, industrial, energy, software, retail/restaurants, education and other business sectors.

Formation and Reorganization in Corporate Law

Our corporate lawyers in Houston and Austin sit down with clients who are starting a company, bringing in new owners, or recapitalizing to strategize the best structure for the new entity. We can advise on the merits and considerations of corporations (S-corp or C-corp), limited liability companies (LLC), partnerships and joint ventures, including tax implications, personal liability, transferability and personal liability tolerance.

Our knowledgeable lawyers in Texas corporate law carefully construct the organizational documents and agreements to clarify the roles, responsibilities and rights of all the stakeholders to set a course for the business and avoid later disputes. We can also assist with succession planning and exit strategies for selling the business or passing it to the next generation.

Ongoing Counsel in Texas Corporate Law

Andrews Myers, P.C. counsels entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses and owners or executives of middle market companies in all types of business transactions and contracts:

Our goal is to put clients on sound business and financial footing from the outset, and to provide responsive, insightful counsel when their companies are expanding, reorganizing or winding down. To consult with one of our corporate lawyers in Houston or Austin, contact Andrews Myers, a law firm with more than 20 years of Texas corporate law experience.

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