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Master Service Agreement Consulting in the Houston and Austin Area

For over 25 years, Andrews Myers has provided consulting for Master Service Agreements in Houston, Austin, and surrounding areas. Our team of seasoned lawyers can help you draft these documents and ensure you are well informed on what is included. We have drafted and aided in many disputes, including unauthorized charges, product defects, employee injuries, and intellectual property.  

What is a Master Service Agreement?

A master service agreement (MSA), often referred to as a service level agreement, is used when two parties want to settle the details and expectations of a particular contract. This document states what each group will have to honor in the bargain, and it will also specify the type of services included in the agreement.  

Common types of responsibilities that a Master Service Agreement can be used to outline:

  • Miscommunication  
  • Unauthorized charges 
  • Product defects 
  • Failure to pay 
  • Missed deadlines 
  • Property Damage 

Benefits of Master Service Agreements:

  • Can be used for various projects – If you continuously work with a client, the Master Service Agreement can apply to any future projects. 
  • Manage risks – A well-written and detailed master service agreement can protect both parties from litigation and protect any assets in play.  
  • Clarifies expectations – Crafting an MSA is great practice for anyone conducting business, as this makes expectations clear for both parties by avoiding confusion and saving time.  

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