City of Austin DSD Issues Poster for Jobsites with 10+ Workers

City of Austin DSD Issues Poster for Jobsites with 10+ Workers

City of Austin Development Services Department Issues Poster for Jobsites with 10+ Workers


profile-clayton-utkov Austin Construction AttorneyApril 7, 2020  — On Monday evening, April 6, 2020, the Development Services Department of the City of Austin (DSD) issued updated guidance for the construction industry, reiterating that “all construction is considered essential” pursuant to the Governor’s Order No. GA14, and the DSD affirms that the COA worker protection requirements remain in place.

The worker protection requirements can be found in the April 2, 2020, COA Supplemental Guidance Based on Executive Order No. GA-14, which is available here. The supplemental guidance from April 2nd, includes the employer health and safety requirements as item number 3. The bullet point list of requirements includes the posting of “a sign in English and Spanish providing the social distancing requirements of Section 6.j. of the Stay at Home Order”, among other things, once the COA makes the signs available to Contractors.

Yesterday’s supplemental guidance from the DSD includes a link to the English and Spanish versions of the signs, which can be found here. Both English and Spanish versions of these signs must be displayed at any construction site with “more than 10 active workers at any given time.”

It is also worth noting that the DSD’s guidance says that “Austin Code inspectors will continue to monitor construction sites to ensure that social distancing and recommended hygiene practices are being observed.”

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