• “Andrews Myers has guided and counseled Energy Market Exchange from its inception, and has helped navigate the waters of heavily-regulated markets with great competency. They are a guiding light of legal professionalism.”
    Todd SegmondChief Executive Office, EMEX, LLC
  • “Andrews Myers really knows how to hit the ground running. They understand complex, multipart issues that my company faces… getting to the heart of the problem quickly and efficiently. I have been extraordinarily impressed with their judicial closure to some pretty tough subject matters.”
    Mark BoyerPresident, Boyer, Inc.
  • “Andrews Myers has effectively assisted us with our contract negotiations, employment matters and dispute resolution. We can count on their depth and their experience in the construction industry.”
    Ronny DickersonChief Financial Officer
  • “We trust Andrews Myers with everything from our most important, complex legal needs to our routine, day to day matters. They’re my “go to” firm for acquisitions and employment issues, as well as for commercial contracts and disputes.”
    Mike KniginCEO, Apache Industrial Services, Inc.
  • “Andrews Myers’ timeliness, accuracy and attention to detail has enabled Arch-Con Corporation to represent itself at the highest level of competency in our field of work. They keep us ‘ahead of the curve’ in an ever-changing and complex commercial construction market.”
    Michael ScheurichPresident & CEO, Arch-Con Corporation
  • “Andrews Myers is not just some legal hammer, they offer the complete toolbox of legal services to help us when we need it. I want them on my side! Andrews Myers: Smart. Professional. Effective.”
    Steve WinnCorporate Credit Manager, Marek Brothers Systems, Inc.
  • “When we need construction law counsel, we rely on our team at Andrews Myers.  They support our industry, understand our business and help us protect our interests.”
    Chuck GlacePresident, Chasco Constructors
  • “For over twenty years Andrews Myers has guided the EE Reed family of companies on construction transactions, joint ventures, dispute resolution, employment issues and risk management strategy.  They are knowledgeable and responsive advisors and a valuable part of our team.”
    Mark ReedPresident, EE Reed Construction
  • “Working in the construction industry creates a constant need for contractual and legal assistance and guidance.  Andrews Myers has become a great asset to our company – while providing a proactive, knowledgeable and professional approach to all of our legal needs.”
    Ronnie WillsPresident, Aggregate Technologies, Inc.
  • “We expect the same thing from our law firm, as we do our subcontractors.  Consistency, Efficiency, Results.  Andrews Myers Delivers.”
    Tom VaughnCEO, Vaughn Construction

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