Andrews Myers Launches Women’s Initiative

Andrews Myers Launches Women’s Initiative

Andrews Myers has a solid commitment to its female attorneys that lasts well beyond the initial recruitment phase. We recently launched a women’s initiative group at our offices, which is designed to focus on expanding and maximizing skills unique to women, develop expertise that is necessary for their roles and also to continue developing and growing their practice as a whole.

A large part of why we launched this initiative was because our firm is comprised of many women who have key roles and responsibilities. Nearly 30% of our practice is composed of women attorneys and that number only continues to climb. Many of these women hold critical positions within our firm including shareholders, department leads, practice area mentors, recruitment committee chairs and more.  Often times, they face unique challenges that are multi-faceted and complex, and those challenges can be used to build and grow these women in their positions and practice areas.

The focus of this group is centered around development, mentoring, training, retention and recruiting. Some of our primary initiatives that fall under this umbrella include identifying leadership and growth opportunities, knowledge sharing and collaboration across all practice areas, mentoring check-in meetings and networking.

These initiatives actively promote and encourage women across practice areas within Andrews Myers to help develop and grow one another and also apply these skills to external clients and other working professionals. We expect to only see this group of women continue to grow in size in the years ahead.

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