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Founded in 2007, EMEX is a privately held company that has developed a unique online platform geared to companies looking for a seamless, single-source method to research the current lowest energy rates and to then switch suppliers.

Andrews Myers, P.C. has represented EMEX since its inception in 2007. In addition to forming the company, we have since been involved with EMEX’s growth and expansion into new markets every step of the way. We have assisted EMEX in connection with raising capital, developing its affiliate program, registering the company to do business as an energy broker in an ever-expanding number of states, instituting an incentive ownership plan for certain employees and consultants, representing EMEX in connection with leasing its new headquarters, introducing EMEX to new lenders that have provided the company with credit facilities necessary for its growth, and providing guidance with potential strategic partners in the industry.

EMEX has seen its revenues increase by 500% since 2009; growth due in large part to the company’s thousands of affiliates. For the team at Andrews Myers, that’s a powerful success story.

For more information about EMEX, go to its website at www.emexpower.com.

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