Delta Structural Technology

Delta Structural Technology
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Smart Growth on All Fronts – The Evolution of a Company and a Partnership

Delta Structural Technology LLC is a full-service innovative solution provider specializing in composite fiberwrap technology used for structural strengthening, corrosion repair, comprehensive flood proofing, historical preservation and blast protection of new and existing structures. For 25 years, they have been on the cutting edge in the design and installation of composite materials and Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) to solve a variety of complex engineering challenges.

The foundation of our partnership with family-owned Delta Structural Technology LLC was built upon a need for construction counsel when we first began working together in 2005. As Delta Structural began to grow as a company, our partnership grew as well, and our role as construction counsel expanded into our business/corporate practice. Since then, our successful cross-practice and collaborative approach has ensured that the talents and experiences of our attorneys are aligned with Delta Structural’s needs. Recently, Andrews Myers worked closely with Delta Structural’s accountants, estate planning professionals and firm-recommended tax professionals to successfully complete a total restructuring that transitioned ownership of the company into the next generation of family in a manner that was tax efficient for all parties.

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